The Team

We’re the hands-on engineers, physicists and developers who spend time at sea—in good weather and bad.  We’re the people who love to figure out how to make hard stuff a whole lot easier.  We’re also the guys (and gals) you call when you need it to work. 

  • Chris Burnham

    Software Developer

    Chris is a software developer and overall math and science whiz…

    With a double major in mathematics and physics and a minor in computer science, Chris has an impressive array of skills. And, if you know ∑∏∑, you understand why his resume was such as standout.

    Coming to us from Colby College in Maine, we didn’t have to worry about him embracing the cold weather. Chris raced for Colby’s NCAA Division I Nordic Ski Team and is still an avid skier. In the warmer months, you’ll find him testing the fundamental laws of physics while riding his mountain bike around the single-track trails in Stowe.

    In his own words: “The thing I enjoy most about working at Greensea is getting to solve interesting software problems in a friendly team environment.”

  • Brian Crist

    Senior Software Developer

    Brian is a software engineer focusing on user interface development, code deployment, and system configuration...

    He also spends a lot of time in the field learning how operators want to use new technology.

    Brian has a diverse software background with more than 20 years as a professional developer.  He is one of the software leaders at Greensea and works to craft the user experience of Greensea technology.

    An avid diver with a degree in computer science, Brian has found his calling.  When not in the office, Brian can usually be found out in the woods of Vermont or building tube amplifiers in his basement.

    In his own words: "Writing software for underwater vehicles? Oh yeah, I'm in."

  • Alden Fredericks

    Engineering Technician

    Alden, a native Vermonter, studied civil engineering at the University of Vermont before joining the Greensea team...

    Since then, he has been instrumental both in the Greensea lab and in early morning field tests on the shores of Lake Champlain.

    Alden’s attention to detail and ability to tackle complex problems were vital in his work on Greensea’s subsea chassis for Schmidt Ocean Institute. He is a proven leader, whose five years of experience as a track coach for elementary and middle school kids helped to prepare him for his current role as product lead on a new Greensea GPS project.

    When he is not at Greensea, Alden enjoys sports (especially biking), weightlifting, and spending time outside.

    In his own words: “Greensea is a fun place to work. I do a lot of hands-on stuff and learn new things every day.”

  • Marybeth Gilliam

    Vice President, CMO

    Marybeth commercializes the products supported by Greensea's technology...

    She has more than 20 years in market research, marketing, branding, and sales, including 14 years managing her own company.  Somehow, we managed to persuade her to give up being her own boss to boss us around.  We're all the better for it.

    Marybeth spent a good bit of time creating and implementing marketing strategies for The George Lucas Foundation, SoundHound, and NEC Technologies before returning to her home state of Vermont.  She now gets her kicks doing Taekwondo with her sons Peter and Sean, and her husband Ray.  The family also enjoys skiing, especially the boys, who race while Marybeth tries to keep up... “unsuccessfully,” she notes.  

    In her own words: “I'm a curious person and I like to see how things work.  This place is all about making things work.  It's a lifelong learning environment where everyone here just never expects to be done.  We're creating something great and it just keeps getting better.”

  • Alex Goodchild

    Engineering Technician

    Alex somehow finds time for the impossible…

    – along with his work on the Greensea team, he is completing a degree in marine technology, and he is a passionate musician and athlete, as well as a devoted husband and father.

    Greensea’s location in idyllic Vermont allows Alex to do his favorite things – hiking, gardening, woodworking, welding, playing the blues, and exploring with his family. His role at Greensea is a perfect fit for Alex’s desires to “be part of the future” and “think about the next best idea,” while guiding his two sons in lifelong learning and problem solving.

    In his own words: “Greensea has an atmosphere of learning, curiosity for what can make our products better, and how can we take care of our employees and their families. We make things work better for everyone.”

  • Heath Hescock

    Robotics Engineer

    Heath shocked us with his electrical engineering talent and we knew we had to have him on our team…

    Heath holds degrees in Electrical Engineering from University of Vermont and Vermont Technical College but he has an aptitude for just about anything "hands-on.” Besides his formal engineering education, he is also a highly skilled carpenter and woodworker.

    Heath is one of those people who seems wired for success. Along with his technical knowledge is a willingness to jump on any project — big or small, glamorous or not. He’s as quick to help hang a whiteboard as design a motherboard.

    But Heath also finds time for fun. He is an avid skier, which may explain his early years at University College of the Cariboo in British Columbia. These days he’s skiing and hiking in Vermont with his favorite tagalong dog, Homer.

    In his own words: “It's awesome! Everyday is something different. The work I do here is essentially the same stuff I would do for fun at home in my shop. (Yes I know I am a dweeb.)"

  • Ben Hook

    Engineering Technician

    Ben is a technician elevating the capabilities of our lab with his multi-disciplined approach to engineering…

    With a computer engineering degree and various certifications in the semi-conductor business, Ben is adept at the hardware and software sides of our business. He can design a system in SolidWorks, build a chassis, wire the chassis, and then program the components.

    A true hands-on tinkerer, Ben always has a “project car.” He is a self-professed Mazda fanatic and has rebuilt entire engines with no formal automotive training.

    Ben is also an accomplished musician, playing just about everything with strings: guitar, bass, mandolin, and banjo. With experiences that include solo performances in front of thousands of people, it’s not surprising that he emanates a quiet confidence.

    In his own words: “I love that I can turn an idea into a sophisticated real life solution. And, my favorite part is that I have the opportunity to touch every step in the process. Depending on the day, I will wear my electrical, computer, or mechanical engineering hat. That really appeals to my 
jack-of-all-trades personality.”

  • Ben Kinnaman

    President, CEO

    Ben has been in the underwater industry for 16 years working as a diver, an ROV and AUV technician, and as an engineer…

    With degrees in physics and mechanical engineering, Ben brings an awesome combination of offshore experience and technical background to Greensea. His passion is for the relationship humans have with machines and he strives to create a better world through technology. As much a dreamer as a doer, he loves technology and lives for the really hard problems.

    Ben and his wife Joanna have two sons, Britt and Graeme.

    In his own Words: “I am so fortunate to have a team like Greensea to work with everyday. What a diverse, smart, and driven bunch of people.”

  • Joanna Kinnaman

    Outreach Coordinator

    Joanna, Ben's other half, is the heart and soul of Greensea...

    She keeps the company connected to the community because being on the marketing team at Greensea, raising two boys, and pursuing a lifelong love of dance still leaves her hungry to do more. Seriously. This woman is amazing.

    To Joanna, who has her Ph.D in clinical psychology, education is invaluable.  She works tirelessly to get local kids and young adults interested in robotics and science via the technology and know-how we have available at Greensea. And you'd better believe she gets her sons Britt (5) and Graeme (3) involved in the outreach. Told you she's amazing.

    In her own words: "Giving back to the community has always been important to us, even when we didn't have much to give.  For Ben, I think because it's never been black and white how ROVs give back to the world.  We feel a need to give back and think education is the way to do it.  We want to get people excited about robotics and science.”

  • Jeremy Larson

    Robotics Engineer

    Jeremy is a systems engineer, overseeing quality assurance processes and integration testing...

    Jeremy puts his physics degree and former work as a Competitive Intelligence Analyst to good use every day as he designs, integrates, and tests robotic systems. Jeremy digs all engineering, whether electrical, mechanical, or computer, and especially appreciates when he gets a slice of all three in one project.

    Jeremy doesn't often sit still — he'd rather be hiking. He tackled Vermont's 272-mile Long Trail in college and is constantly looking for the next ridgeline.

    In his own words: “Leroy Brown was a pleasant surprise at Greensea. I didn't know there was a dog-employee here, but I enjoy my long conversations with him.”

  • Jason LaShelle

    Production Manager

    Earlier this year, Jason was overseeing systems integration and quality assurance for the US Coast Guard...

    Now he’s taking command at Greensea as our Production Manager. Jason was brought on board to streamline our production. He has a BS in Technical Management and is currently working on his MS in Operations and Project Management. We think our current “hands-on, get-it-done” culture will thrive as he adds new dimensions to our productivity with his disciplined approach.

    An avid ukulele player, Jason likes to keep life light. “My house is littered with ukuleles and I still want more. I think the great George Harrison put it best, ‘Everyone should have and play a uke, it’s so simple to carry with you and it is one instrument you can’t play and not laugh!’”

    In his own words: "For me, Greensea is the total package in what I was looking (hoping) for. I’ve always gravitated to and been fascinated by all things maritime and there seems to be an infectious enthusiasm that hangs in the air."

  • Liam Osler

    Engineering Technician

    His extraordinary natural gift in computer science and engineering has quickly made Liam an indispensable part of the Greensea team...

    He has worked alongside our CEO, Ben Kinnaman, on R&D of new products, and he helped to develop Greensea subsea bottles for Schmidt Ocean Institute.

    Liam’s potential has also been recognized by several Ivy League colleges to which he was accepted. His sights are set on Washington University in St. Louis, where he looks forward to growing as a person and plans to major in computer science, minor in business, play Ultimate Frisbee, and hopefully, sing in an a capella group.

    His dynamic persona has earned Liam top honors in both a personality contest and a lip sync contest, and he was chosen to sing a duet at his graduation from Mount Mansfield Union High School. Although Liam has spent much of his recent free time working at Greensea, he also enjoys mountain biking, skiing, and playing guitar.

    In his own words:“Greensea is a family. Everyone cares about each other, and they have helped me learn so much.”

  • Shay Osler

    Robotics Engineer

    Shay develops algorithms, filters, and embedded software for Greensea's technology...

    He's come a long way from kindergarten dreams of being a miner (the dwarves in Snow White sang a siren song to young Shay). He graduated from Cornell and today he helps develop Greensea's feature-based navigation technology. He worked offshore before coming to Greensea and enjoys being on the water — even on Lake Champlain in November.

    Shay is too busy running and skiing to watch as many movies as in kindergarten. If he did get stuck inside for some catastrophic reason, he'd probably read science fiction or some nonfiction adventure tale.

    In his own words: “Sonar-based navigation is a really challenging problem, which is cool. I think it has the potential to produce a fundamental paradigm shift in subsea robot navigation.”

  • Colin Riggs

    Senior Robotics Engineer, Product Development

    Five years ago, Colin started a successful organic farm in Maryland...

    His degrees in physics in math, and his fascination with computational learning, pushed him to investigate the use of robotics in farming. Robot research lead him to Greensea. Colin now develops control and navigation algorithms, tests them, and integrates them into Greensea's embedded software systems. He spends a lot of time offshore and enjoys his job both above and below the surface.

    You can still find Colin farming and gardening in his free time. He also loves skiing and riding his bike around the Burlington area.

    In his own Words: “Taking all the software you develop and then watching it do something in the real world is pretty awesome. It's always satisfying.”

  • Maggie Schreier

    Office Manager

    Maggie takes care of running our office, but she also takes care of us…

    For a decade, Maggie used her Biology degree to run an organic farm and was been heavily involved in Farm to School and Agriculture in the Classroom projects. A woman of endless energy, she did all this while managing offices and holding key financial positions for major manufacturing companies.

    Now Maggie is busy taking care of the Greensea, training her new black lab, and enjoying the theatre, music, and art found in the Burlington community. An accomplished vocalist herself, she once sang at the International Classic Music Festival in Eisenstadt, Austria.

    In her own words: “These folks are among the smartest, dedicated and hardest working people I've ever known professionally. However, even more so, they're funny, passionate, quirky, creative, kind, and make working here both a pleasure and privilege.”

  • Mike Wieliczki

    Software Developer

    Mike’s impressive background includes a degree in computer engineering…

    (with minors in computer science and mathematics) and makes him a valuable addition to the Greensea team. He appreciates the organized, team-oriented environment in which employees matter.

    Although he is a multi-talented musician who plays both piano and guitar – and placed second in a national talent show in high school – Mike’s proudest moment is marrying his wife.

    Mike’s free time is often devoted to working on his land, particularly clearing the trees that were damaged during the infamous winter of 2014. His dog is never far from his side, and the two enjoyed “lawn skating” after a mid-winter rainfall!